Covid-19 Patient Protocol

Please read prior to your visit

Protocol for seeing patients during COVID-19 Pandemic

There is strict scheduling of patients so that we can avoid delays during a patient’s visit and minimize the total amount of time spent in the office.

Companions or visitors will wait outside of the office unless they are needed for translation or mobility.

An employee has been assigned to continually sanitize our space. Their sole responsibility is to wipe down and sanitize any surface touched by a patient.

Ventilation of the office has been optimized by placing fans throughout the office and in each room.

All staff members and patients will be wearing appropriate PPE (protective personal equipment).

What to Expect During Your Visit

  • Before entering the office, a technician checks each patient’s temperature using an infrared, non-contact thermometer.
  • Each patient is required to wear a mask or face covering.
  • Instruments used for the ocular examination have plexiglass breath shields that further separate the patient from the doctor.
  • If dilation is required or if a patient needs time in the office prior to a laser or other treatment, they are allowed to sit in the waiting room in specific chairs that comply with social distancing requirements. Optionally, patients can wait in an outer waiting room, an outdoor courtyard, or an outdoor terrace.
  • If diagnostic testing is required, the testing room and equipment are sanitized immediately before and after each test. 
  • Only one patient is allowed in a testing room at a time. 
  • The technician does not stay in the visual field testing room, but instead, stands outside of the visual field room and monitors the test from that position.
  • The check-out desk has been fitted with three large plexiglass shields that separate office staff from patients.
  • Our safety protocols are being strictly enforced without exceptions.
First day back seeing urgent patients. April 6th, 2020